Anabaptist Studies

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reading the Bible After Christendom

This is the title of my book in the After Christendom series.

If you have anything to say about this subject please head over to the Post Christendom website and add your comments to the discussion board there.

Non-Violent Discipleship: The Challenge of the Anabaptists

This is the title of a new undergraduate course that I am teaching at the University of Bristol this term. I have had some valuable input from Stuart Murray, Alan Kreider and Willard Swartley. Here are the contents of this ten week course:

Week 1

Introduction to 16th century Anabaptists and modern Anabaptist expressions including spirituality and worship

Week 2

The Context: An analysis of the political, socio-economic and religious contexts in which Anabaptism emerged and an investigation into why voluntary, believers’ baptism was considered a capital offence against the state

Week 3

Shalom: An exploration of Anabaptist understandings of peace and radical non-violence

Week 4

Community: Anabaptist ecclesiology and the significance of church discipline

Week 5

The Bible: Anabaptist biblical interpretation

Week 6

Economics: Anabaptist approaches to the community of goods

Week 7

The Sword and the Oath: Anabaptist perspectives on political engagement

Week 8

Eschatology: Lessons from Münster

Week 9

John Howard Yoder: An introduction to his writings

Week 10

Thomas N. Finger: An Anabaptist systematic theologian